A Cold Blue Doubt

Written by

Joseph G. Tidwell III & Rachel Hunt

A Cold Blue Doubt is an ongoing drama series set against the backdrop of a dusty South Texas landscape where quirky and twisted characters navigate the dangers of the criminal world.

Lo’retta Knucklesby is a thirty-something, tall drink of Texas water who fits perfectly into the centerfold between Thelma and Louise. She has a mind as quick as a switchblade, and a raw beauty to match. Strong and fearless, she’s frequently found in the bullseye of many a nefarious faction. She constantly battles an underworld marked by deadly conduct, but with her own brand of vigilantism and a cunning intuition, she brings punishment to the guilty and help to the needy.

Raised by her Grandparents, she grew up watching her Granddaddy tiptoe on either side of the law in his self-proclaimed “fixin’ business”. Now, with the help of a passed down “Texas Stump”, and her Granddaddy’s old 52’ Chevy pickup, Old Bullet, Lo’retta has taken up the family business and stamps her own indelible mark on a Texas style of justice. As she often says, “There’s the law...and then there’s what’s right.”

She’s lovable and has a special kind of sunshine that seems to always walk beside her, but she also carries her own load of heavy baggage. From a meth-addicted older sister, who’s ill-fated choices seem to continually test the limits of sisterhood, to a penchant for tequila, and a flaring temper to match her beautiful red hair. (Just ask her boyfriend, Whip Gunn!) Whether it’s keeping her houseboat afloat on Lake Travis, or caring for her beloved pig, Sweetpea, Lo’retta lives life on her own terms breaking all the molds...and usually all the rules.