Pilot: The Birthday Party

Ace Augenstein sets high expectations for everything in life, and her daughter's sixth birthday party is no exception. Between bringing her maid and butler to the local public park to set up the party "just so", and serving pink champagne to the adults, she feels like she has set the stage for a memorable and elegant event. She imagines kids playing quietly in the background while their parents bond over delicious hors d'oeuvres and gluten-free petit fours. But when parents merely drop off their children without showing any intentions of staying, Ace is faced with the harsh reality that her party may not go as planned. With her friends by her side, each struggling with their own set of feelings about children, reality may bring her expectations, and her party - to a crashing halt. 

Written by Eva Sippel & Rachel Hunt, Freakishly Normal is a six-part comedy series following four middle-aged female friends living in in sunny Burbank, California. Freakishly Normal shows the comedic side of the daily experiences of the suburban Mom, and highlights the ridiculous nothingness in our, oh, so average lives.

The drama of minutia can sometimes get the better of them, but come what may, our four friends stick together. Through long days of mothering, working, and wifing, they realize that love and laughter is the glue that holds them together.

Awards, Distinctions & Screenings:

Burbank International Film Festival - Semi-Finalist

Women’s Comedy Film Festival Atlanta - Semi-Finalist

Hollywood Just 4 Shorts - Best TV Episode , October 2018

October 2018 - L.A. Shorts Awards - Platinum Award Winner

Rising Above Fest - Best Writer, Eva Sippel & Rachel Hunt

Rising Above Fest - Best Cast

Official Selection - Indy Short Fest/Los Angeles International Film Festival

Official Selection - Los Angeles Women’s Festival

Official Selection - Culver City Film Festival

Official Selection - Midnight Film Festival

Official Selection - FilmFest LA

Official Selection - Rising Above Film Fest

Official Selection - L.A Live Film Festival