Rachel Hunt grew up in a small town in rural Southwest Michigan.  An only child in the time before technology, she had to invent creative ways to entertain herself and spent many childhood days writing plays and “hiring” friends to help her perform them for the neighborhood.  

This love of good story telling led Rachel to create Freakishly Normal with a friend.  What began as two moms sharing their funny stories soon became an award-winning, six-part, comedy series. The pilot episode, The Birthday Party, can be seen at several upcoming film festivals across the country.

Although Rachel grew up taking tap dancing and singing lessons, it shockingly didn’t lead her to Broadway (ha!), but the vocal lessons paid off when she found her niche as a voice-over talent. For the past nineteen years, she has lent her voice to a myriad of fortune 500 companies through television, radio and web advertisements.  She is known for her smooth, soothing and friendly voice.

With a love of adventure and driven curiosity, she has lived in Tulsa, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, Boulder, and currently resides in Burbank, California with her music-producer husband and teen-aged daughter.  Although each of these places holds a special place in her heart, Rachel enjoys the Southern California sunshine and claims she’s finally found her home…for now.